My name is Carol Pyles, and I am the person behind My Graphic Fairy. My Graphic Fairy started out as someplace for bloggers and other website owners to get free graphics from. I have since expanded to offering specialized custom graphic files for crafters to incorporated into their custom products they offer.

On this journey, I have also started offering my own designed home decor, signs and apparel. With each expansion, they each have seemed to find their own web home and everything is spread out. My Graphic Fairy Designs is the spot to find any and all items designed by My Graphic Fairy that is available to purchase.

Some items are on Amazon ready for purchase with Amazon Prime Shipping available, others reside on other custom printing apparel sites or my own shopping cart site for items I hand make.

No matter the location, each item supports my craft, and the pages here will direct you to where you can buy each at a given time.

All apparel is custom printed and shipped directly from the printer.

We work with a few different companies for this service.

  • T-Shirt orders are printed and processed by Amazon. All returns are handled through Amazon.

Designed apparel you purchase are My Graphic Fairy designs and each purchase a portion of the purchase supports My Graphic Fairy.

Thank you for visiting.